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Your Tea Drinking Journey


Greetings Fellow Tea Drinker,

Whether today is the first step of your tea drinking journey or yet another milestone after years of tea sampling, Heart Tea Heart is proud to be a part of your journey. The good news is that many countries in the world have rich histories, each with it's own cultural trends and drinking habits. These are all wondrous things you can experience on your journey. Some places will produce the same type of tea they have for centuries, other will innovate with brand new varietals. Certain tea rooms will provide you with a classic cup from their favourite region, but others will create new and exciting blends. For every tea that is produced, there are many fun and tasty ways of drinking it. You can have your tea made in a china, clay, or cast iron tea pot, a Gaiwan, an iced tea pitcher, a Samovar, a street side cauldron, a matcha bowl or a ready-to-go mug. The possibilities of your journey are endless.

As with any journey, along the way you may find yourself in the need of guidance, inspiration or supplies. Heart Tea Heart will be there for you. Feel free to read our blog, it will be a mix of stories from our own tea journey, along with bits of knowledge that I hope you will find helpful. There will be some articles that are off the topic of tea but may be relevant to other parts of your life journey. Follow us on social media to get the up to the minute info on where we are on our own journey and feel free to share parts of yours. Of course, our online store is always ready to supply the leaves in your cup...